Aftercare Oral Piericings


Your new piercing will probably hurt for about one week.  After the first week if should not hurt anymore. If this isn’t the case, we advise you to contact Queen of Rings, or your general practitioner.

Oral piercings tend to heal faster than any other piercing. This doesn’t mean irritations or infections are not possible. To make sure the healing goes smoothly, it is important to follow these guidelines.

* After eating, drinking, or any other oral contact make sure to rinse with an alchol free mouth wash. The mouthwash should have a chlorhexidine base. Don’t use this mouthwash pure, but make sure to water it down 50%.

* The first 3-5 days after getting pierced a lot of swelling may occur. It is important to make sure the piercing jewelry has enough room and is not too tight. Too tight jewelry is more prone to infections If your jewelry gets too tight, it is necessary to come to Queen of Rings and swith to a bigger size.

* If you have any allergies or hypersensitivities to food, be extra careful with your new piercing. A new wound is more sensitive to these sensitivities.

* Ibuprofen can help prevent pain and swelling in the first week.

* Avoid kissing or oral seks during the healing period;

* Avoid cola, energydrink, dairy, and hot or spicy food during the healing process to prevent infection.

* Try to give the jewelry as much rest as possible. Too much moving might damage the tissue, gums or enamel. Also try to avoid playing with the jewelry after the healing to protect the teeth.

*Never remove the jewelry on your own. In case of redness, to much swelling, irritation or infection always contact Queen of Rings or your general practitioner.

* Brush your teeth on a regular bases, preferably with a toothpaste based on saline. Also use mouthwash with chlorhexidine if needed.

* For lip piercing, aviod using lipbalm, lipstick of make up around the wound.

* The pain and swelling after getting your tongue pierced might be worse than expected. You might get irritated glands and ears. You can use ibuprofen, or icecubes. Cooling the piercing also helps with the swelling.

* Be carefull brushing your teeth with a smiley or frowney piercing, and make sure to lift up the jewelry to prevent friction. Also be careful eating hard solid foods like apples.

* With tongue or lip piercings it is advised to change the jewelry to a shorter bar after about two weeks. For lippiercings it is advised to wait the entire healing period before swithing to a ring.

Common period for healing:

* tongue: 2-8 weeks
* venoms: 2-3 months
* tongweb: 2-8 weeks
* smiley/frowney: 2-6 weeks
* labret/side lip: 2-3 months
* medusa: 3-6 months
* monroe/madonna: 2-3 months
* cheek: 6-12 months