After getting pierced at Queen of Rings, you will receive our stamp card. With every new piercing you get a new stamp, and after 4 stamps your card is full and you can visit us for a FREE piercing or dermal anchor of your choice. Intimate piercings are excluded from this promotion.

Your stamp card is also a guarantee card, and proof that you are pierced by us. Because of this policy, the card is personalised and not passable to someone else. All stamps must be on the same card. Individual stamp cards are not accepted.
When you hand in the stamp card after placing several piercings, the cheapest piercing is as free.


In addition to the continuous stamping discount, we also regularly host special discount days for both piercings and tattoos. These popular discount days are announced well in advance on the Facebook page and the Instagram account of Queen of Rings and Blue Hawaii Tattoo. Make sure you don’t miss these promotions by following us on social media.

On discount days we only work by appointment, to avoid long queues. To make sure that you can visit us on a discount day, you can make an appointment by phone. Do not wait too long, because we are usually fully booked in no time!